So I know some folks do not like batiks.  I do, however, love the saturated colors and the beautiful patterns they have.  My local quilt shop recently told me now they are making some batiks that are not a one time only thing.  In other words they have begun mass producing some of them.  This is music to my ears because up until now they have always just had what is available on the bolt at my store and no more can be ordered.  Since they are my favorite fabric I am really happy about this.

I like mixing them with solid fabrics that have some movement such as this grey below:IMG_3797 (Edited)2

What is your favorite fabric?

Progress….but I am plodding slowly!

So here I am slogging along with my lovely quilt with some free motion and with some rulers.  Oh how I love rulers but it requires intense concentration and I can only focus on it a little at a time before taking a break.  I’ve been anticipating this quilt on my bed since my other one is traveling with International Quilt Festival folks.  I am hoping to finish this one before too long!!!  It will be a winter quilt (yes, I know spring is almost here) because it has a double layer consisting of cotton batting with wool on top.  IMG_0738_Edited1

Anxiously waiting for the finished product!!!  Wish me luck!


At last……….

At last I am about to longarm a quilt just for our bed.  It has been a long time coming.

Usually I quilt for clients and don’t save time for our bed and our little room.  I can’t wait to delve into this, but must admit I am a little intimidated with all the points and shapes.  I have never been at a loss as to what motif to use until now.  I am almost there……..almost.  I have drawn and redrawn several ideas.  I think I may just have to take a big breath and jump in and wing it!

I expect this to take a month or more to get done and perhaps that is the big hold up.  I did get it on the frame Tuesday evening, so it has been ready.

Wish me luck!  I am hoping the creativity will kick in and push me along.

And away I go!!!!!!!!!August_October Block ArizonaStar


As I was piecing my latest quilt together all sorts of ideas came into my brain for the quilting part of it.  This has been a challenging quilt with all the points.  I have looked at many sources to find ideas for the quilting and even used comments from the judges of the quilt I entered into a show recently to try to improve my ideas and skill set.  I have a basic idea what to do, but am still not set on how to get there.  Obviously I want as few stops and starts as I can manage.  What to do, what to do!?!?!?!?!


Last night I pieced the backing and pressed and squared the top.  Coming up with ideas for this quilt has been a challenge.  I will definitely custom quilt this queen size.  I want to create movement in it with curves and a motif for the triangles in the negative space.  To tie it all together is harder than I anticipated!

This one will end up on our bed.  I have not made one specifically for us until now.  Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!!!  I will post pictures when done.

53879771610__511F8156-738B-4DAA-843A-FF2075641A0E (Edited).JPG

That glass of wine is looking mighty tasty right now………………………………see ya’ later, ya’ll!!!

February 14, a Day of Love


Well, it is Valentine’s Day.  It is also Ash Wednesday.  I don’t remember that happening before and it probably did, but if we think of God’s love for us through His suffering it actually does fit the day perfectly.

Several years ago I made this little quilt wall hanging for a friend whose birthday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day.  The words on this quilt are from John 3:34, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”

Have a wonderful day remembering His love for us.

Busy lately

I’ve been absent from my blog writing in the last couple of weeks.  It seems as if the last days have gone by in a blitz.

In Texas where we live, the weather hardly ever gets really cold.  That is except this year!  13º without the windchill is cold for those of us whom rarely even wear a jacket, and to get accumulative snowfall and ice storms is unheard of!  In that time we had off from work and school, I decided to jump right in and get some projects done.  Fortunately for me the day off happened in conjunction with Martin Luther King day, so I got a bonus day.  I have managed to do a bunch of blocks for a BOM x 2, and also a quilt-along.  I also got a couple of quilts done and entered into a show coming up around the corner.

I love the camaraderie of a quilting bee.  Once a month some ladies from church come to my home and we quilt for Lutheran World Relief.  We had a great time Saturday and got one quilt done from start to finish.  Yay!

School activities will certainly put a crunch on my time in the next few weeks, but I am hoping to finish that BOM x 2.  Root for me!!!!!


“The Gift”


I’m really happy to be finished with this.  Although it didn’t get done in time for this season, it will be ready come next Christmas!  The more I worked on it, the more into the spirit I became.  It was a fun project .  The manger scene and center tree were fusible appliqué.  Of course I can’t seem to finish a quilt without some machine embroidery.  The snowflakes remind me of the most unusual December here in Texas that I can remember.  We had MEASURABLE snowfall!!!!  It was beautiful and reminiscent of my days growing up in South Dakota.

Here’s to completed projects!

Happy New Year!

I have had a lovely Christmas holiday away from the routine of school and since we did not travel anywhere this year I got a lot done in my studio!  I must say it is gratifying to be able to spend time doing what I want when I want and I managed to finish a Christmas quilt, cut out 2 months of the current BOM I’m working on, get the next client quilt on the frame, and enter 2 of my quilts into a show  coming up in February.  That BOM is actually doubled as I am doing a batik colorway along side the colorway selected by the company.  IMG_1209

It’s back to the school routine as of today and so I’m wishing everyone who reads this blog a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!  Enjoy 2018 and may you find joy in your quilting journey!

A year in advance!

IMG_0154I am very happy to say I finished the quilt top I had planned to hang up for Christmas on Dec. 23rd.  I started the project  a bit too late to be done for this season.  I was determined to have the top finished by Christmas.  I have it loaded on my longarm to be finished this week so it will definitely be ready to hang up for Christmas 2018!  Woohoo!  Life can be hectic around Christmas time and this year was no exception.    The tree skirt in the picture above was another such project and was a January finish.

I used 2 pre-fused appliqué blocks (kits) in this year’s quilt wall hanging, and I do love machine embroidery so I incorporated that in the quilt’s story in fabric as well.  My Baby (Bernina) was off to the shop with a cleaning and servicing when I was in the middle of this project and when she returned home early I got to finish a partially done embroidery for the quilt.  So happy to have her back!!!!  I took out 2 of the blocks I was less than thrilled with and replaced with others once Baby came home.

When I finish quilting this project I’ll show pictures  and the longarming is my favorite part of the process, so stay tuned!



High gear

I constantly work with deadlines.  Well, here is one I am not going to finish by the deadline Saturday, but I am making good progress (at least progress when I’m not at this computer!) .  I am really enjoying putting the pieces together for this Christmas wall hanging.  Here is another progress picture:


This has been so much fun and has put me in the Christmas spirit.  I’ll be done with it before the New Year, but will enjoy the process that goes into making it.  I’ll keep you all in suspense how this turns out and show a final picture once I’ve put it all together and finished it.

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to you and yours!