Completely. Lost. My. Mind……

Sew………… I began making more of the tiny little 1 1/2″ half square triangle blocks for this quilt along.  The directions have told me there are 388 to make.  Gasp!!!!!!!  I have a little over 200 made, but oh my gracious!!! I definitely want them finished before school starts and Block 7, which is a mystery, comes along at the end of the week.  The directions said make a few each month, and I have but now I have decided to get it out of the way.  Hoping Block 7 will be easy and not the dreaded stars up ahead.  Wish me luck!IMG_1434(Edited)


Doing what I love gives me abundance in my life.  Having the freedom to choose to do what I like gives me the joy in being creative.  Sometimes the flow isn’t there, but it returns if I let it speak to me.  This is especially true when I do custom longarming.  I am working on my own quilt at the moment and I’m finding that there are life blocks to preventing the time to complete it.

IMG_0513_The enabler

Perhaps when I retire from teaching and directing music activities I will better be able to just take the time.  For now, when I head to the studio I do have a buddy to encourage me!

Blue, blue, my world is blue……

This may end up being my favorite quilt ever. I have a passion for the color blue and this really appeals to me! In the 5 months of this 12 month challenge there have been MANY challenges. Testing my quilting skill set is a blast. #laundrybasketquilts #mormorsewingstudio #patchesofbluequiltalong #patchesofblue #edytasitarquiltalong

Oh, the choices, the choices!
Work in progress
❤️ I also see monkeys and/or aliens…….😜
I need to make a whole quilt of this block with just scraps from my stash……
Little stars
What fun this was, and quick, too!
First month’s challenge
The goal

Finished is better than perfect!


What do you love about quilting?  For me, seeing the finished project is so very rewarding I’m always aiming for that goal.  I cannot leave a project wallow in my closet or drawers without seeing a finish to my work.


 Eight months of piecing, a month or two of putting blocks together, and about 40 hours worth of quilting with my longarm, and “Flight Path” is finished!  Perfect?  By no means.  Done and happy with the result, yes.  I have really enjoyed this project.  It is now a year this month that I began this quilt along beside a BOM Jenny Parks pattern designed for The Quilting Company called “Urban Basix.  I took the pattern from that BOM I was working on  and used batiks instead of the dots fabrics the BOM used.  I  used 2 layers of batting to make the quilting jump off the quilt, Quilters Dream cotton  and Quilters Dream wool on the top.  The free motion quilting is definitely my favorite part of the process.  I do not use computers to quilt so all the design is from my brain and the skill of my hands.  The results speak for themselves.

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This quilt will live on our bed each winter.  Hooray!!!!  This one’s for us.

Do you have a project that took a long time you are proud of?  I’d like to see it!



Plans.  Change.  Priorities.

Springtime project

I like things to be organized.  I had planned to enter 2 quilts in a show coming up, but then my longarm needed service so my quilts, and my client quilts are now delayed.  It feels disorganized.  I doubt if I will make the deadline for getting my 2 quilts finished, I guess they will have to wait until the next show rolls around.  Additionally, the guild has decided to limit the number of quilts to 425, and the numbers have begun climbing.  I will not rush the jobs as I want quality work! So……….I will still try to enter, but it’s looking rather unlikely at this point in time.

I have a quilt going to International Quilt Festival – Houston for the November show, but I decided to remake the sleeve, so that has also been on my to do list.  The deadline for getting the sleeve put on is right around the corner and I am 1100 miles away from my studio enjoying a family event.  The quilt has to be there by June 1 and will be the priority upon arrival back at the studio.

With the school year sprinting to the finish there are other things that need doing there also.  I have decided not to stress……….much.

Do you ever feel disorganized?  I’d love to hear that I am not the only one.

Happy Thursday!


My good news for the day is that my quilt, On Wings of Song has been selected for inclusion in the special exhibit In the American Tradition – Classics exhibit for the Houston International Quilt Festival in November, 2018.

On Wings Of Song - musical celebration of 40 years in music ministry
“On Wings of Song
Detail – On Wings of Song

It’s been a challenging month.  My longarm went down for the count a couple of weeks ago, and is off to the shop.  While I am waiting for her return, I’ve decided to play catch up with other projects.  It has proven to have rewards, however, as I finally got caught up with a quilt-along I’ve been lagging behind.  I’m so glad to be finally caught up!!!  I have another top that the blocks need to be pieced together also.  Hopefully, by the time of her return, I’ll have another top put together that has been waiting patiently since January.

Here’s to finished projects!  Have a great weekend.

Take a deep breath…..

I am finding myself forced to work on other projects while my longarm is away for a check up.  On the bright side, at least my other quilting projects are getting some time.  It’s also the end of the school year and there are lots of irons in the fire on that part of my life, too.

I am involved with a monthly quilt-along and I was 3 months behind.  I’m now just 1 1/2 months behind.  I should be able to catch up completely on that before she comes home.  I have another quilt that has all blocks finished, but it’s a queen size and those blocks need to be trimmed and then put together so it’s isn’t like I have nothing to do…………… it’s just that now the things that need doing are being forced into a different order!

I had just one row left on the custom I had been working on for a show and have others in line so when she comes back in a couple weeks I’ll have to burn up the road to finish those quilts by their deadlines, but it’s all good.  I had to turn one quilt down, but sometimes you just have to sit back, take a deep breath, and gaze at the flowers.IMG_1090

It’s a Monday and I am hoping to have a great week!  I hope you do, too!

Inch by inch

Oh the world of custom quilting!

I had dreams of finishing this quilt for OUR bed long before now.  My batik quilt is taking a very long time to do.  Inch by inch I am about half way to done.  It has been on my frame now for 3 weeks.  I think I may pass the halfway point this evening.  Granted, I have had a million other things to do over that period of time.  Easter fell in there and as a church and school music director that took first place.  Additionally, I had the joy of having my young grandchildren spend a few days at my house (without their mother or dad).

I would like to qualify this slow and steady project by rationalizing the use of quilting rulers to accomplish the goal.  I enjoy using rulers as I go along because it adds structure and finesse to the project.  I use hand guided free motion to add whimsical touches and it is MUCH quicker than rulers.  This gives me a respite from the concentration required by using rulers.


Those two 30 inch blocks take a LONG time!!!!!   I tend to forget what the top of the block  looks like by the time I reach the bottom of the block, even though my Millie has a large quilting area.  Pictures as I go along help this, but forgot to take pics of the upper part of the star.  I believe I’ll have another date with Jack with this block by the time I reach the bottom of the quilt and do the borders.

IMG_0944I also fly by the seat of my pants and decide on design as I go along.  Sometimes that takes a while to formulate ideas.  I also (gasp!!!!) make mistakes and quilt an area that will need frogging (rippit, rippit)…………alas, it has happened a couple of times on this quilt.  As Jack the Ripper and I plod along it can add hours of frustration to the mix.

I have decided to save the border design until the end.  Hoping the next post here will be the finished quilt!  Sew happy!

Goals and dreams of finishing…….

I played the organ last week for the funeral of a lovely woman who quilted and crocheted.  I’m told this is but a fraction of what she actually accomplished.  The display at her funeral of the work of her hands during her well lived life was inspiring.  What a blessing and marvelous legacy for her family!



I began a 6 month BOM back in June and through delays in the delivery of the months’ blocks to construct from the company I chose, it became an 8 month BOM.  I decided at the beginning of that project that I would construct another with the pattern and basically construct 2 at a time.  I chose my favorite fabrics, batiks with a neutral to get that done.  It seems that in all the quilting I do for others we never end up with a quilt on OUR bed.  The plan was the BOM their way as our summer quilt and the BOM in my own colorway for winter.  As time went on I decided to quilt the winter one first (we were in the arms of winter at the time) so it has been on my longarm now for about 2 or 3 weeks with only about a third of it done.  I also have clients who need quilting work done in the near future.

I am a finisher.  Yes, I try to finish one project before beginning another.  So what happened? Now I find I have 3 projects at a time going on!!!!

Well, honestly, life happens and now Easter is upon us and as a church music director and school music teacher my life is a bit more complicated during festival seasons of the church year.  I also began a 12 month Quilt Along, basically also one block per month, with a wonderful group and I have now fallen 2 months behind.  I tell you the truth, this is NOT like me at all.

Maybe life will settle down a bit after April is over.  Oh wait!  That will bring the flurry of May and the last month of school!!!!  Feeling a bit of pressure right now.

Wish for me the time for wonderful finished quilts.